How to Book

A Step by Step Guide:

  1. Click on the “Book Now” button
  2. Click on “Continue”
  3. Enter your details in the Customer Detail screen
  4. Enter your swimmer’s details in the Student Detail screen and click “Save”
  5. If you have more than one swimmer, you can add their details by clicking “Add another Student” and/or click “Next”
  6. Select Student
  7. Choose a “Standard” or Course by using the drop-down arrow
    • nb.  If you are a member of Nelson South Swimming Club - please choose Hampden Swimming Institute as your "Standard" or "Course"
  8. Hampden Street is the default setting for “Venue”
  9. Choose a Date Range by using the drop-down arrow to choose the Course you want to book
  10. Choose Days by using the drop-down arrow
  11. Click on “Find Classes”
  12. Select Course you would like to book by checking the applicable box
  13. Click on “Add Class”
  14. Confirm your selection
  15. Click on “Next”
  16. Accept the Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and email preferences
  17. Click on “Submit all details”
  18. Click on “Pay”, enter card details, then click “Pay” again.
  19. Once you have completed your payment you will receive confirmation emails to confirm your booking and payment.
  20. If you don't receive a confirmation email, please contact Hampden Street Swim School direct.

Not sure what's the right level for your child?

Info on Course Dates and Costs here