Hampden Street Swim School

Terms and Conditions

  1. All class Payments and Registrations are to be completed online.
  2. If you attend some or all the scheduled sessions the cost is the same for the term.
  3. We have a no refund policy.  Should you require to pull your child out of classes mid-way through the term or block, your fees will not be refunded.
  4. We review our fees annually and make price adjustments accordingly.
  5. Siblings or children not booked into a Hampden Street Swim School lesson if swimming must be supervised within arm's length - NO LIFEGARUDS.
  6. Hampden Street Swim School or Hampden Swimming Institute bears no responsibility for the safety of swimmers not in an operating swimming lesson or squad session.
  7. You agree to let us use photos of your children swimming for use on our webpage and/or social media.  Please contact info@hampdenswimming.co.nz if you have any concerns around this.
  8. Tutors and coaches will need to physically assist swimmers in the water to develop correct swimming technique.  Our tutors and coaches will explain to the child what is going to happen.  We are happy to speak to you about this.
  9. Lessons or training may be cancelled due to facility breakdown or the threat of lightning - make up lessons will be provided in these circumstances only.
  10. Tutors and coaches may change during the season.
  11. If your child has had vomiting or diarrhea, please keep them out of lessons for a minimum of 24 hours or until well.
  12. Pre school lessons for 2.5 years and over, Parents must enter water for lesson if child is under 3 years.


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