Your child will love our Gators Programme


As your child works through our Gators Program, they will progress from learning to enter the pool and getting wet to becoming a swimmer with polished swimming skills that will last a lifetime.  Key to our philosophy is:

  • Intensive block lessons which fast track your child's learning

  • Body awareness and balance - once a child has developed body awareness and balance when horizontal in water, swimming skills develop quickly.  The world's top swimmers still take time to work on these principles!

  • When learnt correctly at an early age, swimming is immensely enjoyable and is a gift for life!

  • Safety in the water - siblings of swimmers who are in lessons will not be permitted to swim unless the family are actively supervising their child no lifeguards.


Level 1 - Gators:  Floating

Your child will learn to relax, submerge and float independently.  They will progress to Level 2.

Lesson duration:  25 minutes

Maximum numbers:  5 in a class

Level 2 - Gators: Kicking

Your swimmer will develop a long balanced streamline position and be able to kick on their front and back.  Swimmers then progress to Level 3.

Lesson duration:  25 minutes

Maximum numbers:  5 in a class

Level 3 - Gators:  Stroke

Your Level 3 swimmer will learn to swim a smooth freestyle and backstroke over short distances.  When your child has mastered Level 3 they will progress to Level 4.

Lesson duration:  25 minutes

Maximum numbers:  5 in a class


Level 4 - Gators:  Breathing

The focus is all about breathing for Level 4 Gators.  Your child will develop a clean tall freestyle swim with breathing timing.  We will also work on backstroke arm technique and add the breaststroke kick.  Then your child will be ready for Level 5!

Lesson duration:  25 minutes

Maximum numbers:  5 in a class

Level 5 - Gators:  Advanced Breathing

Your child will develop a polished freestyle and backstroke technique, and will be working on their breaststroke timing.  Part of each lesson will be held in the 25m pool.  Your child will then be ready to move onto our Orca Squads!

Lesson duration:  25 minutes

Maximum numbers:  6 in a class




Not sure what's the right level for your child?


Further information:

We offer two options for lessons during Term 4 2022 and Term 1 2023:

Option 1 - Weekday intensive 10 lesson blocks. Turn up at the same time Monday to Friday for a two week period.  You will be surprised how quickly your child develops their swimming skills across a 2 week period!

Option 2 - Once a week classes Mon to Sat.



Summer School Holidays:

Hampden Street Swim School will be open during the holidays offering Intensive Holiday packages.  Book early to avoid the disappointment of missing out!


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